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Oral Health Care for People Living with Dementia

Helping dental teams be better informed about caring for older patients with the progressive conditi...
 £ 30

Oral lichen planus

Oral lichen planus is one of several mucosal conditions that dental practitioners must be familiar w...
 £ 30

Orthodontic indices: assessment (IOTN), referral and outcomes (PAR)

How to assess treatment need using IOTN, refer appropriately, monitor outcomes and improve patient ...
 £ 30

Patient safety in dentistry: LocSSIPs

This course highlights developments in patient safety in dentistry, illustrating how to implement an...
 £ 30

Periodontal regeneration: A valid clinical treatment option?

An update of the literature in periodontal regeneration and a critical appraisal of the evidence bas...
 £ 25

Personal protective behaviours to reduce risk of COVID-19 infection

Review and discuss behaviours that individuals, including health professionals, can do to reduce ris...
 £ 30

Posts, cores and a pot pourri of techniques and favourite materials

Diagnostic and restorative options when considering the use of post and cores for structurally compr...
 £ 30

Risk assessment and caries prevention in the older patient

Risk assessment, prevention and management in older people
 £ 20

Tales of the unexpected

Things may not always be as straight forward as they first appear. Cases with twists in the tale il...
 £ 30

The Case is Altered

What do you do when your carefully constructed plan needs modifying?
 £ 30

The Orthodontic 'Slik Fix'

Understand how to assess the validity of the claims made for the latest orthodontic systems
 £ 25

The Perio-Systemic link

Examining the evidence base linking periodontal with systemic diseases
 £ 50

To fillings and beyond!

Selecting the most appropriate design and suitable material to restore a tooth is not always straigh...
 £ 30

Update in Conscious Sedation

Update your knowledge regarding the important issues concerning the administration of sedative agent...
 £ 30

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